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Prince Edward County

Celebrating Prince Edward County (PEC) as a leading food destination, Red Box brought PEC to Michael-Angelo’s Grocery at Christmas time with festive fare, exciting partnerships and delicious food products.

E-commerce Website + Social

Matter Company embraces a holistic approach to personal care which recognizes the relationship between our natural environment and our physical and emotional well being.

Michael-Angelo’s Grocery Store

The specialty grocer engaged a new store design to reconnect with its old world Italian traditions and roots. Red Box executed the concept creative which was characterized by award winning custom photography and vintage illustrations. The design supports an experience based on authenticity, tradition and quality. With delicious discoveries in every aisle, there’s always something to spark your imagination and fire up your appetite.

Antonacci Custom Suiting

The difference is always in the details. Antonacci knows this concept intimately so when they needed to refresh their brand image to a new audience (after decades in a business boasting only a handful of competitors), it was time to convey that they are without compromise. It takes their tailors up to twenty hours to produce one handmade suit so quality was innate to their business. Red Box took this pride and expertise to produce the highest quality print collateral and imagery. To stand apart in an industry often linked with heritage, a modern and minimal logo mark and identity were crafted and contemporary palettes were used throughout.

The secrets of the perfect fit are now complemented by the impact of a contemporary refresh.


Cabbagetown was having a bit of an identity crisis when Red Box moved into the neighbourhood. A storied Toronto enclave boasting Victorian architectural perfection, curated boutique retail and a diverse epicure scene all peppered with history and urban grit made for an eclectic set of challenges for a brand refresh. Acknowledging contemporary times while honouring their heritage requires a fine balance. Whether a first-time visitor or a long-time resident, this is everything the perfect neighbourhood should be. Cabbagetown is not what you imagined – and like nowhere else you’d want to be.